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April 14, 2012

I had a little time on my hands today … So I decided to cut the factory engine plate off, due to the fact that my new found horsepower ripped the bolts right through the old one.  Time for another upgrade!  The new motor mount plate will be made of 3/8 thick plate steel.  I didn’t weld the new one on the kart yet, for a couple of reasons.  I still have to drill the holes for the engine, and I think I am going to send it out to have slots cut in the back part of the plate, so I have some adjustment on the jackshaft.  I also found out today that my stock axle is not keyed the full length.  I guess I wasn’t paying that close attention last time I had it apart.  I will be replacing the axle with one that is keyed the full length, so I have lots of adjustment on exactly where I want to put the new hubs for my new disc brakes.


     <—– Engine Plate and Brakes Removed


     <—–  Side View


    <—–  New Engine Plate MockUp


    <—–  New Engine Plate 3/8 Thick Solid Steel Plate!!  (If the engine rips through this plate, I’m in trouble!!  LOL!


After looking at the pics, and writing this blog, I am now thinking about mounting the engine plate either directly under the frame (instead of on top like it is in the pics), or possibly welding a small bracket and inch or so lower to mount the plate to.  This would drop the engine approx. 2″, thus lowering my center of gravity.  I will have to mockup the brakes first to see if I can get away with dropping it that much.  So now … I’m waiting on a new axle.

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