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April 22, 2012

Starting to mockup the brakes to see if I was going to run into clearance issues.  Originally, I was going to mount both rotors close together on the left side of the kart, and keep the sprocket on the right (this would make it easier to just make one bracket for both calipers).  But, after thinking about it for a little while, I decided that one on either side of the kart would probably be more effective and put less stress / flex on the axle.  After a quick mockup, I really didn’t like having the rotors on the inside of the kart frame, or in the center like the original drum brakes, because on the trail I figured it would be much more likely to catch on rocks.  So, Mockup #2 –> I placed one rotor and caliper just outside the frame on either side:

   <– Right Rear Side Brake MockUp

  <—- Left Rear Side Brake MockUp

In my opinion, this will serve a couple different purposes.  #1, it should put a lot less twisting flex on the axle, #2 they won’t be in the way when driving over rocks, and #3 I will be able to change the rotors quickly and easily without having to remove the axle.  The problem I am finding now is in order to mount them like this, I will have to come up with a spacer / bracket approx. 1.25 inches thick, AND sturdy enough to bolt the calipers to.  I think the quickest and easiest way will be to get a piece of 1.25 x 1.25 square stock aluminum, about 3″ long for either side, and simply drill holes through it to match the caliper bracket.  I can then use grade 8 bolts and bolt through the axle bearing bracket and then the 1.25 inch aluminum block and into the caliper bracket.  I am not 100% sure this will be effective, but, it will be cheap and easy to find out, BONUS … NO welding!!  Yay!

While I am waiting for a new axle I will also be tracking down some square aluminum stock.


For a breakdown of all parts used please see the “Parts” page.  This will include Links and Part Numbers.

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