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New Mini Quad Project …

I picked this up a couple of weeks ago, just for a fun little project.  Basically, it is a stripped down Chinese ATV (90cc) quad frame, which now has a BRAND NEW Briggs and Stratton 205cc engine on it.  It has a 37t axle sprocket and 16″ tall tires.  Centrifugal clutch is a 10t, which made the gear ratio way off.  With me on it it wouldn’t go unless I got a rolling start first, and it was WAY too fast on the top end.

So, as an experiment I installed a jackshaft with a 22t connected to the clutch and a 10t connected to the axle.  In theory, this doubles my gear ration.  In testing I have found that even with me on it, it went MUCH better!!  I rode in the grass and in the woods, etc…  I believe it is a little too fast still, though.  I have an 8t clutch I may try.

As of now, it is for sale.  $240 OBO


*UPDATE*  I guess I’m too cheap!!  I put this out in my front yard, it didn’t last an hour!  The first person to stop and look, took it for a “test drive” and bought it!

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